Shootaroo is a fast paced game skill focused game. The only game mechanic rellies heavily on hand-eye coordination and ambi-dexterity. The player must defend agaisnt an endless horde of colored squares that can only be killed by being hit with its own. For that, the player is required to aim using the left hand and pick a color with the right hand, under pressure.

The game was born out of a personal challenge to finish a a simple game and publish. Having abandoned several game projects before, this one was to be the one to break the curse. And sure it did.

Renan S Silva, aka h3nnn4n, was the game designer and sole programmer for the project. He also made the ugly graphics assets present in the game and the weird UI.

Vinicius B Zuchi, aka moreesh, designed the music and sound effects for the game.

Milton Machado, aka quiuvat, made the pretty graphics.